How Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll Inspired Educate Inglewood by Author Mark J. Quann

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Author Mark J. Quann:  He basically learned to read in San Quentin and then he learned to trade stocks in San Quentin. He became a professional stock trader in San Quentin.

We are talking about events that we’re doing and public speaking and by the way I was a horrible public speaker (my hands would shake). So all the skills that I have in business that you see right now, I didn’t have any of them, those are all developed over time, over 12 years of just doing it. 

So for people that are scared of public speaking and all those things just persistence and get through that (totally different topic).

Yeah, I do a lot of seminars and things and one thing I was inspired by was there’s a guy named Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll. And most people have never heard of Curtis but that’s because he’s in San Quentin. And he was this kid who grew up in a very bad neighborhood and he was seventeen years old and he was in a very bad neighborhood. And he had no guidance, I mean he didn’t learn to read. I guess his mom was a drug addict and things like that. And he was robbing a house when he was 17 and he went to jail for I think it was 54 years or something like that (San Quentin). And I was reading this guy’s story and he basically learned to read in San Quentin and then he learned to train stocks in San Quentin. He became a professional stock trader in San Quentin. And I was just inspired by this guy’s story and I said “Wow.”

This guy is actually running classes in San Quentin, encouraging guys to read, encouraging guys to learn to be stock traders. Learn to do what those “rich white people” is how he quoted, that’s what his friend said “Got to learn what those rich white people do with their stock.”



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 So he learned how to trade stocks. And it’s an interesting thing in that if take a person and you educate them on a subject of money in almost every area they can gain control of that topic, right?

And I think Curtis if you will, he’s got guys that were trying to come out of San Quentin and instead of going back to a life of crime, they understand stocks and they understand investing and they can probably change their life.

And so I was inspired by that story and I’m planning a thing called EDUCATE INGLEWOOD and it’s a seminar we are going to do in Inglewood where we are just basically do financial education classes in Inglewood for anyone who wants to come and learn financial and I’m wondering if we can start educating Inglewood to what rich people are doing, how they are investing (all these different things), how to target, what to do in your life to become financially independent. 

Could you take kids out of crime? Could you take the person who could become a criminal or whatever and they become an investor and do great things.

So pretty excited about that, it’s called EDUCATE INGLEWOOD and I’m not sure of the date when we’re going to do that but I’m pretty excited about that and just go back and do a seminar and then in a month go back again and say “Hey, how did you guys improve your lives? And what was the result of you doing A-B-C-D or whatever in your lives and how has your lives improved financially and where do you see your life going now that you are becoming financially educated?”

So I’m pretty excited about that event. And we’ll have to keep you guys updated at WiseHeroes on exactly when that’s going to happen.



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About Mark J. Quann:

Mark Quann grew up in the cold weather of Canada in a blue-collar family, his father a Brick Mason, his mother a stay-at-home mom. They struggled at times to put food on the table, and growing up in the “poor neighborhood,” offered little to no opportunity. Frustrated with never having any money, Mark started asking his parents “how do I make money?” at a young age. Soon, they nick-named him Money Mark.

Mark hated school and reading, and much of his education came from the school of hard knocks. Despite attending college for business and finance, Mark dropped out of college, only leaving school without a diploma, but buried deep in credit card debts and student loans. Mark left Canada in search of the American Dream, arriving in sunny California in 1999.

Mark decided he didn’t want to work hard for money his entire life and wanted to learn how to make money work hard for him and his family. He immersed himself in books and seminars, studying how money works, learning the many ways to invest, how the rich avoid taxes, how banking works, and even how the Rich use debt to make money — while the poor and middle class only become a slave to money.

After 19 years of studying money, including 13 years as a financial professional, Mark has written Rich Man Poor Bank to educate the masses about how money really works, and how to cut your ties from the big banks. Marks message is clear, “you don’t need a bank to save, you don’t need a bank to borrow, and you don’t need a bank to invest, so what do you need a bank for?”

Mark lives in Southern California where he works with schools, non-profits and community groups to spread financial education to anyone that wants to learn. His company is located in Glendale California where he runs seminars to teach both the rich and poor how to make their money work harder for them.

Marks book is available in hard copy, in english, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Rich Man Poor Bank is available as an eBook.



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