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WiseHeroes.com Terms of Service


On May 24, 2018, Wise Heroes published revised versions of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Please read these updated terms and take time to understand them. Your use of Wise Heroes is subject to these revised terms.


These Terms of Service (“Terms”) are a contract between you and WiseHeroes.com. They govern your use of WiseHeroes.com’s website (both desktop and/or mobile), social media, services, products, and content (“Services”).

By using WiseHeroes.com, you agree to these Terms. If you don’t agree to any of the Terms, you can’t use, view or consume any content or website of WiseHeroes.com and/or our social media.

We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time. For a record of all changes to our Terms, please contact us via our contact page. If there is a revision to this information, we can alert you before they take effect. By using WiseHeroes.com on or after that effective date, you agree to the new Terms set forth by WiseHeroes.com. If you do not agree to said terms, you should stop viewing the website and/or Film Courage social media before they take effect, otherwise your use of the site and WiseHeroes.com content and/or social media will be subject to the new Terms.

WiseHeroes.com content and services

Crawling WiseHeroes.com is allowed if done in agreement with the settings of our robots.txt file. Scraping WiseHeroes.com is strictly prohibited.

We may change, terminate, or restrict access to any aspect of the service, at any time, without notice.

Children are Not Allowed to Use this Site.  Parents, Please Monitor Your Child’s Web Usage

WiseHeroes.com is only for people OVER 13 years of age. By using WiseHeroes.com, you attest and declare that you are over age 13.


If you find a security vulnerability, lapse or breach on WiseHeroes.com, please alert us via an email to our contact page.

WiseHeroes.com rules and policies

By using the Services, you agree to let WiseHeroes.com collect and use information as outlined in our Privacy Policy. If you’re outside the United States of America, you consent to allow WiseHeroes.com transfer, store, and process your IP address, browser type and device used to view Wise Heroes in and out of the United States of America.

Under our DMCA policy, we’ll remove material after receiving a valid takedown notice. Please contact us via our contact page to alert us of a DMCA takedown notice.

In utilizing WiseHeroes.com, you agree to follow these Rules and Policies.


WiseHeroes.com provides this website (both desktop and mobile) to you “as is.” You use and view WiseHeroes.com at your (i.e., “The User”) own risk, discretion and compliance. Simply put, no warranty is implied. or expressed.

WiseHeroes.com won’t be liable to you for any damages which arise from you utilizing the services (including the desktop or mobile version of the website, and/or social media, and/or subject matter discussed within the confines of our written and/or video content). This includes if the Services (including the desktop or mobile version of the website, and/or social media) are hacked, maliciously tampered with or off line/non-accessible for any reason. This includes all types of damages (indirect, incidental, consequential, unique, exemplary or Acts of Nature). And it includes all kinds of legal claims, such as breach of contract, breach of warranty, tort, or any other loss.

If WiseHeroes.com doesn’t exercise a particular right under these Terms, that doesn’t waive or excuse it.

If any of these terms is found invalid by a court of sound jurisdiction, you agree that the court should try to give effect to the parties’ intentions as reflected in the provision and that other provisions of the Terms will remain in full effect.

Said Terms, Conditions, Services are governed by California law, without reference to its conflict of laws provisions. You agree that any suit and/or claim arising from the Services must take place in a court of law or arbitrator located in the City of Los Angeles, California.

These Terms (including any document incorporated by reference into them) are the whole agreement between WiseHeroes.com and you concerning the Services.

Should you have questions concerning any of the information in WiseHeroes.com Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy, please contact us via our email Wiseheroesinfo@gmail.com.