How Does A Business Owner Get Through Tough Times? by Blurr CoFounder Sam Marley


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Sam Marley, Cofounder of Blurr Photosharing App: Having that emotion is good but definitely not like a seesaw up and down.

You’ve got to have good people around you because when something should happen, there’s going to be someone who is upbeat and there are going to be people who are down about it.

We’ve got a team and it’s definitely not one person that is upbeat about everything. It switches off and having those people around you is massive. But I think that’s quite a part of our personalities is like it’s a little bit of whatever. Like something happened today, it’s fine because tomorrow something different is going to happen and just knowing that and understanding that I think is big.

Don’t let the highs get too big and don’t let the lows like kind of get you too low. Having emotions is good but definitely not like a seesaw up and down just trying to stay like as level-headed as possible I think definitely, definitely helps.

And if really bad things keep happening in your company, then it’s a time where you like look at it and you’re like okay maybe we need to fundamentally change something…the team, the company, the whatever? And having again like not just ignoring everything and just keep hitting your head against a brick wall, actually taking a step back and be like “Okay, we should actually change something.” I think that’s also good.

Just be honest with yourself. You know we are, every, every day. We did this work, we wanted it to work, that didn’t work…now alright, sack it, like forget about it and I think that intuition helps massively.

Question: How do you get through tough times?


See the video on Youtube here


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