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Brad Crowell: Then Google is going to come down and go “Wow, 5 times on this page it says Best Pilates in Indiana. This page must be Best Pilates in Indiana.”

I don’t think that SEO is complicated. I think that everybody gets really intricate and they get super crazy and there’s always like a new playbook of the week kind of thing. But the truth is Search Engine Optimization, the name itself, the search engine is trying to optimize your content and trying to understand what your content is. So if you are explicitly clear what your content is, then they will be able to optimize it appropriately.

And the optimization part, that is like their perspective. We are talking about bringing it up and optimizing the results. So the truth is there are some very basic, consistencies that if you are holding to every post you make, then your site will be read properly by the search engines and that if your title is called the Best Pilates in Indiana, then your paragraph should include Best Pilates in Indiana and your images should be titled Best Pilates in Indiana.

So if you are consistent with your verbiage across the post and your meta description, you know (there is all that stuff), then Google is going to come down and go “Wow, 5 times on this page it says Best Pilates in Indiana. This page must be Best Pilates in Indiana.”

From the perspective of the blogger, be consistent with how you are saying, what you are saying and choose your phrase specifically and work it into your content where it isn’t annoying to read.

You only have control…there are two big parts to search engine optimization and the first one is on your site and the second part is off your site. You don’t have the control of stuff that’s off your site. You’re not going to strategically land your link on the home page of Yahoo. Like if that happens, wonderful. Unbelievable. But you can’t just like get it on there, so you have no control over that. You can control your site. When we go in and are working with someone we evaluate their niche. We understand what they want to be ranking for and why. And we might be able to analyze that and say “Hey, if you rearrange the wording because there’s a hole in the space, we can look…(it gets really nerdy). But we would recommend this three-word phrase because of whatever…”

But for the standard, like if you’re a pilates instructor in whatever your home town is, 99 times out of 100 you want to be pilates in blank and if you key your site toward that because you want to think about what your users are searching for.

I mean it is rocket science because it’s Google and they have 8,000 different things they evaluate or whatever. But they don’t actually share any of that information. So be consistent with what tools we can be with.

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