There Is Never A Good Time To Start A Business by Sol Shorts Founder Joshua Chavez

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There Is Never A Good Time To Start A Business by Sol Shorts

Founder Joshua Chavez



“Be obsessed or be average”


Joshua Chavez:  Be obsessed or be average.  You’ve got to be the most obsessed person.  Not only about your ideas, but about everything.  I don’t live a 100% life.  I live a 120 life all the time.

My employer did not know that I was basically building another company outside of that.  Luckily I did know (and just doing my research on my end) that my contract was very detailed and so if I were to apply for a patent when I was an employee at this company I wouldn’t own the rights to the patent at all.  My name would be on there as an inventor, but I wouldn’t own the patent itself, the company would.  And I knew this…so it’s kind of interesting because when I was reading the details of the contract it specifically says outside of let’s say semi-conductors or electronics, you know there wasn’t any issue.  But if you were to start an electronics company off of the back of this current position and be applying for patents, you wouldn’t be able to or they would own the rights to that technically.  So they did not know anything about this.  Luckily men’s shorts (shorts in general), textiles, very much out of the range of the semi-conductor that I was at.  That’s good.  So that also made me more passionate about it.  So as I went through, no one knew.  I mean they knew…and that’s the kind of tough thing about starting from a nine-to-five position (an employee position) to an entrepreneur.  And that’s largely why I recently quit my job and (see more here).





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