Why Business Partners Need Complementary Strengths by Entrepreneur Brad Crowell


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Entrepreneur Brad Crowell:  Making a beautiful product with an amazing interior and all that stuff, I couldn’t design this.

My other product, which is a products-based project and I’m happy to talk about it.  It’s a brand called Everything Zen and we make glass teapots and here is one.

So you can strain different types of tea, you can put blooming tea in there or any of that. My business partner is a designer and in this case it is clearly his strengths that are shining through.

I’m not a designer in any way.  I do operations and product development and supply chain management and all that stuff that is actually built into some of my work history. Finding vendors, suppliers, shipping, logistics and getting in here, all the side of things, that’s my wheelhouse.  But making a beautiful product with an amazing interior and all that stuff, I couldn’t design this.  I might be able to envision it.  But to get it to idea to tangible goods, it took a team. So in that case another clear relationship, but I think that there was this clear understanding of we have a similar end-goal, similar work ethic and my strengths from Strengthsfinder (2.0) are not his strengths. His strengths are not my strengths, so we compliment each other in that way.

When you know yourself and your partner knows themselves and you guys realize “Wow! We could compliment each other.”  I think that’s how you can start it off.

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