Creating A YouTube Channel For A Pilates Business by Lesley Logan

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Lesley Logan, Founder of Leslie Logan Pilates:  It’s a great way for people to have information on Pilates that can’t be with me and it’s a great way for me to communicate with my audience and now my new audience this many years later.

So I started on Youtube for searchability reasons. I wanted to make sure that people could find me and find what I was offering, the type of teacher I am and it was really unique to me. I was very nervous as someone who doesn’t want bad videos to go out and like that exercise is not perfect. Then the truth is that if I was going to take my own teaching lessons, when I teach I tell my clients “there is no perfect in pilates. We’re always just trying.” So if I can make sure that when I’m doing my videos, I’m expressing that you try to do this, your goal is to do this and oops…I banged the spring. Like it’s a very honest way of teaching and that’s what I hope the videos are and that I’ll still be growing and getting stronger.

I have found that it’s a great way for people to have information on Pilates that can’t be with me and it’s a great way for me to communicate with my audience and now my new audience this many years later.

For other teachers, I honestly think you should teach the way you enjoy Pilates and that is a way that you want people to experience you. I think a lot of people think they have to be like somebody else.

There are a lot of famous Pilates instructors on other social channels and they do their videos in such a way, but that’s their way, you know? And you have to find what way works for you. How do you introduce yourself and how do you want to teach the exercise? Do you want to show the whole thing? Do you want to talk through it? Figure out the voice you want to have and then stay true to that voice because if people don’t like it (but it was your voice) it’s okay. They just don’t like you. And not everyone has to like you.

And I don’t want everyone to like me either because that would mean that I would have to teach everybody someday. And I think there are plenty of other instructors out there to teach people. So I want to stick with my voice and I hope that other teachers feel empowered enough to find their own because there are so many variations and the way you experience Pilates is different because your body is different from mine.

I began vlogging on Youtube mostly because I have a profitable Pilates website, which during my beginnings of becoming a Pilates instructor I realized I did things a lot differently because I was booking up so quickly. And so here were teachers right next to me who were way better at instructing people and knew the method so much better than me, but weren’t converting first-time clients and I was.  And so what was I doing that was different than what they were doing? And I went on an investigative tour of that and my mentor at the time was awesome enough to recognize that I was unique in that way and she had me presenting workshops.

Then when I began running a studio, I started having trouble hiring instructors because I couldn’t find instructors that were fully trained that I could hire and that was a bummer to me because these people had spent so much money and they couldn’t work for me and now I had to turn them away. And so I thought “Well I keep saying the same thing, I’m going to write a book and help people.” And so I put the book out there, but just because you write a book and you put it out there doesn’t mean people know it exists.

So I started vlogging and then actually putting those up on Youtube so that potential instructors that are searching for business advice can find it. And then they can find those videos that I talk about their different business topics and hopefully then they’ll find my website we’re I actually have the workshops that go in much deeper and I do one-on-one coaching. And you know I’m not crazy, I would want to know who I was going to give my money to as well. So I love that I can use the vlogging on Youtube and my channel for teachers to see who I am, how I talk, what my passions are to see if I’m the right fit for them to help them with their business and their problems and so hopefully if they like the way I teach Pilates, they will also want business advice and that’s why I started the vlogging part of it.


Question: Do you have a Youtube channel for your business?


See the video on Youtube here



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