First Success In Business by Author and Entrepreneur Tami Holzman

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First Success In Business by Author and Entrepreneur Tami Holzman




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Author and Entrepreneur Tami Holzman:  When I’m approached or someone is looking at me like I’m the enemy or competition, I would try to call them out that it’s offensive and that we’re all in this together.

When I talk about befriending the enemy, I love my competitors.  So I go to an event or a conference and these are my allies.  I mean we’re all in this together.  There’s enough work for everyone and I do talk about how there are different phases in your life and I run into people who are considered my competitors, let’s say my enemies.  You know if there was a job that came to me that wasn’t appropriate for me but seemed appropriate for them, I would let them know about the opportunity and I hope they were confident enough in their work to offer me the opportunity or maybe there is something that is right for both of us and we can tag team it.

I don’t really believe in…I’ve seen it…I’ve been a victim of it where people where people were like “I know why you’re coming up to me.  I know why you’re approaching me.  You’re trying to invade on my space.”  And I am like “What? I’m not even…I’m coming up to you because I need a break from pitching! I need to talk to someone who is also on my side. Maybe not working with me but someone I feel like can be an ally.”

You’d be surprised how many people can consider their competitors enemies.  I befriend them.  I love them….(see more here).





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