How To Overcome Self-Pity by Advocate and Author Thomas Iland

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How To Overcome Self-Pity by Advocate and Author Thomas Iland


Thomas Iland: I found that being an optimist, seeing the glass as half-full and having it in the back of my mind that in the end, everything is going to be alright. It sort of allows me to keep trudging forward. And I know that for many people out there it’s like where is this light? I’m in darkness. I’m not finding a way out. By taking a deep look inside yourself (and that is where meditation and other practices come into play), by realizing that you are worth it even if others may not make it seem…(See the video on Youtube here).


Check out the book Come to Life – Your Guide to Self-Discovery by Thomas W. Iland and Emily D. Iland



About the book:

Helping Youth with Autism and Learning Differences Shape Their Futures. How many young people are struggling or experiencing undesirable outcomes once they leave school? Far more than you might imagine, especially if they have an autism spectrum disorder, a learning disability or similar condition. Come to Life! is a unique new book that helps readers engage in an active process of self-discovery to improve the transition to adulthood. Author Tom Iland, a young man with autism, speaks directly to his peers and guides them through the process of discovering themselves. Many individuals with autism (and other conditions) don’t truly understand themselves or know how their disability affects them. Without understanding, they struggle to love and accept themselves. This emotional roadblock can get in the way of just about everything else. In Come to Life! Tom explains the mantra he created to help drive his life forward: Know Yourself. Love Yourself. Be Yourself. A chapter dedicated to each part of the mantra helps readers find answers to questions such as, Who am I? What do I want? What am I good at? and…(read more here via Amazon).




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