First Toastmasters Speech by Thomas Iland

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First Toastmasters Speech by Thomas Iland


Thomas Iland:  The first speech that any Toastmaster gives is called an Ice Breaker.  It’s a 4-6 minute speech about pretty much yourself and what brought you to this moment.

It was about 2 1/2 years ago and it was myself and a couple of other women who were looking to form a club.  We were meeting with a gentlemen at the time who was a club growth director for the local Toastmaster’s district.  He explained the format of meetings, how there’s a master of ceremonies called the Toastmaster.  There is someone who times the speeches, makes sure no one speaks too long.  There is an “ah” counter who counts those filler words “um,” “like,” “you know,” “so.”  And a grammarian who listens for improper use of the English language and also we have impromptu speaking.  So someone who will lead the table topic portion of the meeting.

Then we have the speakers and the evaluators.  So for every prepared speech we have given, he or she will have an evaluator give a verbal and written evaluation.  Because, in connection with being your best self, part of what Toastmasters does, it praises you on your speech that you delivered but it also offers one or two points for improvement (see the video here on Youtube).



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