Hooked Author Nir Eyal in his Startup Grind Global Presentation “How to Build Habit-Forming Products” — watch the video on Startup Grind here


“Our actions have been engineered”

“Silicon Valley graveyards are full of companies that had the best technology. It’s not the best product that wins. It’s the product that captures the monopoly of the mind. The thing that we turn to first with little or no conscious thought, that is what captures the market.

So if you’re building a product that requires unprompted engagement, requires people to come back on their own, you have to be able to answer these 5 fundamental questions.”





Hooked Author Nir Eyal in his Startup Grind Global Presentation

The HOOK Canvas

1. What internal trigger is the product addressing?

2. What external trigger gets the user to your product?

3. What is the simplest behavior in anticipation of reward?

4. Is the reward fulfilling, yet leaves the user wanting more?

5. What bit of work is done to increase the likelihood of returning?


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