Leaping Into Entrepreneurship by Honey Bubbles Wine CoFounder Christiana Gifford

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“The leap into entrepreneurship…I don’t know? It wasn’t a finite thing. It wasn’t something I thought this is what I want to doI want to be an entrepreneur. I went to school for education which seemed like a very stable job”…(See the video here on Youtube).


Photo courtesy of Honey Bubbles Wine


About Honey Bubbles Wine:

Over the last 3 years, more than 1 in 3 honeybee colonies has died nationwide. After WWII there were 5 million honeybee colonies, now there are only half that many (2.5 million).

Honeybees pollinate a third of the American diet, from nuts to produce — not to mention coffee wine and cotton. In 2010 they contributed to more than $19 billion worth of crops.

We chose to support the prevention of CCD because it is an issue that can and will affect us all.

One of our goals in creating Honey Bubbles is to bring awareness to CCD and make a real effort to prevent theses remarkably social insects from dying off for good.




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