Number One Mistake App Developers Make by Blurr Cofounder Daniel Arviddson

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Blurr Photo Sharing App CoFounder Daniel Arvidsson:  “Oh you’ve got to add filters, you’ve got to add comments and you’ve got to do all of this stuff. And then we kind of took the advice but blocked off some of the noise as well.

One mistake that app developers make is that you try to do too much at the start, you try to put too many features and make the app way too complicated. Especially for like a V1. In your V1, you have to have one core value of something that you want to prove and then you’ve got to launch it and prove that and then you can add on different things slowly.

But I think a lot of apps try to add on too much and make things way too complicated and that’s where most of them fail initially, which is you’re trying to do too much, people don’t know how to use it initially and then it takes too long to build.

Like I said before, we had a vision, how can we give people instant access with all of these photos taken around them and we just set out to solve that. And we kept the product inherently simple and easy to use and people were always like “Oh you’ve got to add filters, you’ve got to add comments and you’ve got to do all of this stuff. And then we kind of took the advice but blocked off some of the noise as well. So I think the simplicity versus making things very complicated, that’s the biggest mistake that I’ve seen app developers make.

We just wanted to give people and it’s kind of in our theme of simplicity and easiness of ‘How can people just watch this thing and instantly realize…okay this is how it works and this is how I’m going to use it?’ And our [Blurr Photosharing] app is so simple. I mean you hit two buttons, you take pictures and you get to see all of the pictures taken around you. So how can we show that in a video and I think that’s what we were able to accomplish.


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So where is Blurr going now? I think from a lot of things that we’ve done and all of the research and events that we’ve put on, we’ve gained the big value in some of these more formal events such as a festival, a wedding, a gala, a high school prom, a high school reunion.

So we launched it in college and we had you know the fraternity party and all of that. But I think that now we’ve realized the immense value that it brings to people who are just taking hundreds of photos. And giving people access to all of those photos is something that people want and really enjoy and have a lot of fun.

See the video on Youtube here


So we’ve done a lot of weddings and we really explored the Southern California wedding market more now and weddings are really the perfect example for us. The people are going, they want to take photos and they want to keep all of those memories.

And we’re all about…our tagline is “Never miss a memory again.” So focusing and making people never miss another memory again with those types of events is kind of where we are moving.

So just got to the app store, you type in the Blurr app if you want to find Blurr and it should be right there for you.


Question for the Viewers: What’s the #1 mistake app developers make?



Photo-sharing app Blurr is a remarkable way to give people instant access to every memorable photo taken around them.

Here are the first few videos in a series of many from the Blurr co-founders Daniel Arvidsson, Daniel Korman & Sam Marley, shot in Silicon Beach (LA).







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