The Worst Financial Foundation To Give Kids by Author Mark Quann

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Author Mark J. Quann:  Just doing research on finances and that sort of thing, what I found out is that if financial education goes up, then bank profit goes down.

Writing a book, that was an interesting experience. I can tell you that much because I hated school and I hated reading when I was a kid, which is interesting. And if you hate school and you hate reading, you should probably write a book. I don’t know if that even counts, but my book came out of frustration about if people are left financially uneducated. There’s a lot of money made in keeping people financially uneducated and that was something that I read about just doing research on this system and it’s everywhere in the world.

So I sat down at Starbucks one day. And it was actually (if you’ve heard of him) John Maxwell, he’s like a leadership guy and I sat in one of his seminars and he said you need to read, write and think. There was five points that he gave me. I’m a bad note taker, too. So I heard read, write and think. And I said “Well I can read, write and I can think. Maybe I should try and write a book?” And I just sat down at Starbucks for pretty much over a period of 5 years, two-finger typing at Starbucks and I ended up with this huge stack of papers. You know, nothing like a book. And I happened to get a consultant and his wife went through this whole stack of papers and said this is the good stuff, this is the bad stuff now go back and start over basically.

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So if five years of writes and rewrites and two consultants and countless people give me feedback (good and bad) and yeah, it was 5 years to get the final product. But there it is, Rich Man, Poor Bank. And also we’ve got it en español. So good hombre rico banco pobre. And we are also coming out with a Mandarin Chinese [version], this is our next thing for the book and this book is basically what the banks don’t want you to know about.

Just doing research on finances and that sort of thing, what I found out is that if financial education goes up, then bank profit goes down. There’s a lot of miseducation about money in the population. People don’t get educated about money. And I asked why don’t people get educated? And pretty much if you keep people financially uneducated (miseducate them), most of the stuff you get in school, most of the stuff you get from friends and family, your own parents, the information that they’re giving you a lot of times is going to be the cause of your financial stress.

The wealthy people are doing things very different. The way they think, what they invest into is very different and I know I say one of the things in the book is if you take your kids down to the bank to open up a checking and savings account, it’s the worst financial foundation you can give to a child. It basically says you should trust the bank, okay. And I don’t know any big banks that are there to really help you get wealthy.

And worse than that, the banks say to save money and get good credit. But if you save money, well banks get wealthy, they invest that money. So saving money makes bankers wealthy and getting good credit definitely makes bankers wealthy. We keep teaching populations to save money and get good credit. All that will do with our end result is that would strip most of the wealth from the population and transfer it to the big banking corporations. Just that simple thing that we take every day (save money, get good credit) it’s the worst financial foundation you can give to kids. So I wanted to talk about that in this book. And say “Look, we don’t need that.” You shouldn’t be doing that anymore and finally you don’t need a bank to save, you don’t need a bank to borrow, you don’t need a bank to invest. And most people don’t realize that you can do that.

That was the part that drove me to write this book is just financial education for anyone.

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About Mark’s book — RICH MAN, POOR BANK: What the banks don’t want you to know about money. How taking your money away from the banks can start you on the path to financial independence. Bank fees, credit cards and low interest rates mean that you are supporting big bank profits with money that could be building wealth for your future. No matter how much you earn there is a way to play it smart and start building your financial future.


About Mark J. Quann:

Mark Quann grew up in the cold weather of Canada in a blue-collar family, his father a Brick Mason, his mother a stay-at-home mom. They struggled at times to put food on the table, and growing up in the “poor neighborhood,” offered little to no opportunity. Frustrated with never having any money, Mark started asking his parents “how do I make money?” at a young age. Soon, they nick-named him Money Mark.

Mark hated school and reading, and much of his education came from the school of hard knocks. Despite attending college for business and finance, Mark dropped out of college, only leaving school without a diploma, but buried deep in credit card debts and student loans. Mark left Canada in search of the American Dream, arriving in sunny California in 1999.

Mark decided he didn’t want to work hard for money his entire life and wanted to learn how to make money work hard for him and his family. He immersed himself in books and seminars, studying how money works, learning the many ways to invest, how the rich avoid taxes, how banking works, and even how the Rich use debt to make money — while the poor and middle class only become a slave to money.

After 19 years of studying money, including 13 years as a financial professional, Mark has written Rich Man Poor Bank to educate the masses about how money really works, and how to cut your ties from the big banks. Marks message is clear, “you don’t need a bank to save, you don’t need a bank to borrow, and you don’t need a bank to invest, so what do you need a bank for?”

Mark lives in Southern California where he works with schools, non-profits and community groups to spread financial education to anyone that wants to learn. His company is located in Glendale California where he runs seminars to teach both the rich and poor how to make their money work harder for them.

Marks book is available in hard copy, in english, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Rich Man Poor Bank is available as an eBook.




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