Immigrants Are Four Times More Likely To Become Millionaires by Author Mark J. Quann

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Author Mark J. Quann: Most entrepreneurs…they come to the United States to become an entrepreneur.  There still is the American Dream.  I’m looking around Canada, there was no Canadian Dream, you know? It’s just that, the American Dream.

Yeah…life in Canada.  Love Canada but grew up in not a lot of money. My family had very little money.  My dad was in hard labor most of his life and his dad was a fisherman with no education. At 13 he got on a boat and never even learned how to read. So my family didn’t have a lot of resources. Great home life, great parents but we just didn’t understand money. So I just wanted to learn about money when I was a kid and when you don’t have any, you tend to get motivated to want to learn about it.

I pretty much left Canada because I just didn’t see opportunities there as far as the American Dream.  It was really that, leaving Canada for the American Dream. That was 18 years ago. And I haven’t spent a lot time in Canada these days and love the country, but it just seems  as an entrepreneur, the United States is really the best place to be in the world.

It takes a lot of work on yourself to become an entrepreneur and understand money and that’s really why I wrote a book because it takes a long time to change a person’s mentality from being not educated on money and not being around business ownership and not being around those things.

One thing my dad always told me when I was a kid was my family’s always been self-employed.  My dad (one thing he said) was “You’ll never get rich working for somebody else.” So he planted that seed of owning your own business and my dad never wanted to work for other people but he always struggled financially. So for me it was that 1) you shouldn’t work for other people but 2) we never really learned investments and we never really learned how money works. It was that, trying to figure out what to do myself.

So yeah…18 years, I’ve done a lot of things. I’ve done a lot of reading. I read a book that told me if you want to learn, go out there and do stuff, jump in and you’ll learn. So when I first came to California I bought a coffee shop.  It was called Better Latte Than Never and it was a cute little drive-through coffee shop. I didn’t know if I would make any money but I was going to learn and I ran that for two years. And so I joked all the time, I say if you want to work 18-hours-a-day for no money, buy a coffee shop. And that was with my sister.


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And then I’ve just done a lot of different things. Sometimes you are making money, sometimes you’re losing money, but you are learning.

The real key is there’s a statistic (I don’t know if you guys have known this before) but you are four times more likely to become a millionaire in the United States if you immigrate to the United States.  So just being an immigrant to the United States gives you a competitive advantage of those people who are born in the United States. And I think it’s mindset, it’s coming from another country and going “Wow! We have all of these opportunities.” And even coming from Canada, I’ve seen that.  You know, you look at other countries in the world where there is no opportunities.  I mean if someone can’t make it in the United States as an entrepreneur, I don’t know if they are just lazy or they just can’t see the opportunities I think of being born in the United States. I saw those opportunities and took advantage of them. A lot of hard work though!

Nobody in the world (other countries), they may say they are going to Canada but most entrepreneurs, they come to the United States to become an entrepreneur.  There still is the American Dream.  I’m looking around Canada there was no Canadian Dream, you know? It’s just that, the American Dream.  Maybe if I grew up in different circumstances in Canada, maybe if I grew up in a bigger city…but my problem was that I hated school. I didn’t want to go to school and learn to go get a job, so that obviously has its advantages and disadvantages but you know California.  California is a great place to become an entrepreneur.  A lot of people make it. A lot of people don’t.  It’s still a great place to learn to become an entrepreneur.

Question:  Why do you think immigrants are 4 times more likely to be millionaires than non-immigrants?


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About Mark J. Quann:

Mark Quann grew up in the cold weather of Canada in a blue-collar family, his father a Brick Mason, his mother a stay-at-home mom. They struggled at times to put food on the table, and growing up in the “poor neighborhood,” offered little to no opportunity. Frustrated with never having any money, Mark started asking his parents “how do I make money?” at a young age. Soon, they nick-named him Money Mark.

Mark hated school and reading, and much of his education came from the school of hard knocks. Despite attending college for business and finance, Mark dropped out of college, only leaving school without a diploma, but buried deep in credit card debts and student loans. Mark left Canada in search of the American Dream, arriving in sunny California in 1999.

Mark decided he didn’t want to work hard for money his entire life and wanted to learn how to make money work hard for him and his family. He immersed himself in books and seminars, studying how money works, learning the many ways to invest, how the rich avoid taxes, how banking works, and even how the Rich use debt to make money — while the poor and middle class only become a slave to money.

After 19 years of studying money, including 13 years as a financial professional, Mark has written Rich Man Poor Bank to educate the masses about how money really works, and how to cut your ties from the big banks. Marks message is clear, “you don’t need a bank to save, you don’t need a bank to borrow, and you don’t need a bank to invest, so what do you need a bank for?”

Mark lives in Southern California where he works with schools, non-profits and community groups to spread financial education to anyone that wants to learn. His company is located in Glendale California where he runs seminars to teach both the rich and poor how to make their money work harder for them.

Marks book is available in hard copy, in english, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Rich Man Poor Bank is available as an eBook.




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