Generating New Business Ideas by Blurr CoFounder Sam Marley

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Sam Marley, Blurr Photosharing App Cofounder: At the end of the day, if you just do everything the same, then how are you going to eventually win?

I think it’s like…it sounds weird…but don’t Google stuff. It’s kind of what I was talking about with the pitch deck, like we need to create a pitch deck…Google ‘How To Create A Pitch Deck.’ Then you’re just going to come up with what is already out there.

If you Google ‘How To Start A Business,’ I bet it’s like a 50-page business plan.

One of the biggest things that we always try to do when we’re learning new stuff every day, like the first time we did Facebook ads, we didn’t Google ‘How To Do Facebook Ads.’ We were like “Alright, what do we want to get from these Facebook ads? What do we want from them?” And it’s coming up with all these ideas and then after it’s like okay, let’s figure out if it’s even possible. And if it’s not, can we still make it happen?

Again, I think it comes back to naivety. I think just be naive and have your own ideas and don’t be like “Oh, this is the way you should do things.”  Because at the end of the day, if you just do everything the same, then how are you going to eventually win, you know? Because people who are more experienced than you and if that’s the way they do it, they’ve done it five times over, so they’re going to be better.

We really just try to take advice, we take a ton of advice and obviously that’s gotten us a long way. But usually after we’ve tried something and it’s not run right, we just off of our own intuition. And I think that helps you at the end of the day. It’s like just guess and think what you think in your head and if that’s the way you should start a business by not writing a business plan, then fine. But if you think you should, you should go do it.

I think there are many ways to win. It’s just whatever way you think you want to and not what’s “right” and thinking the best way, it’s just your way at the end of the day.

Question: How much do you rely on Google for new business ideas?


See the video on Youtube here


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